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KOSTAL PIKO + KSEM G2 modbus API access etc.

KOSTAL KSEM G2 (modbus TCP) grid power total: 1) In device configuration, enable ModBus TCP slave 2) Install mbpoll 3) Read power meter using command line: mbpoll -t 3:int16 -r 2,4 Simple bash parsing example: mbpoll -r 2,4 -1 -q > /tmp/mbpoll.txt grid=$(grep “\[2\].*” -m 1 /tmp/mbpoll.txt | cut -d ‘:’ -f 2 […] REST API curl examples – Smart Meter for KAMSTRUP DK-8660 – EV solar charging – PV Überschussladen

For API documentation see and/or Current energy usage (update every minute for free *or* every second for a small subscription fee or a one time payment, see …. also updates each second while running smart-me mobile app or website live data): curl -s –user “username:password” -H “Accept: application/json” “” example output: {“DeviceId”:”a1b1c1d1-abcd-1234-abcd-a1b2c3e4g5h6″,”Date”:”2022-02-05T17:53:16.3596015Z”,”Values”:[{“Obis”:”1-0:1.8.0*255″,”Value”:15492250.0},{“Obis”:”1-0:2.8.0*255″,”Value”:4154730.0},{“Obis”:”1-0:1.8.1*255″,”Value”:10728380.0},{“Obis”:”1-0:1.8.2*255″,”Value”:4763870.0},{“Obis”:”1-0:1.8.3*255″,”Value”:0.0},{“Obis”:”1-0:1.8.4*255″,”Value”:0.0},{“Obis”:”1-0:2.8.1*255″,”Value”:4153930.0},{“Obis”:”1-0:2.8.2*255″,”Value”:800.0},{“Obis”:”1-0:2.8.3*255″,”Value”:0.0},{“Obis”:”1-0:2.8.4*255″,”Value”:0.0},{“Obis”:”1-0:1.7.0*255″,”Value”:2456.0},{“Obis”:”0-0:96.14.0*255″,”Value”:1.0},{“Obis”:”1-0:32.7.0*255″,”Value”:236.0},{“Obis”:”1-0:52.7.0*255″,”Value”:235.0},{“Obis”:”1-0:72.7.0*255″,”Value”:236.0},{“Obis”:”1-0:31.7.0*255″,”Value”:1.07},{“Obis”:”1-0:51.7.0*255″,”Value”:7.89},{“Obis”:”1-0:71.7.0*255″,”Value”:2.18}]} […]

Solar charging with go-e Charger (hardware v3) – PV Überschussladen mit go-e Charger (hardware v3)

1) Enable local HTTP API v2 inside go-e app (Internet -> extended settings) 2) Use curl to adjust charging: #adjust amps curl “” #set 1-phase curl “” #set 3-phase curl “” #start charging curl “” #stop charging curl “” Get settings (all or some, see ): curl “” curl “,psm”

Günstige Bankkonten für Privat und Firma (GmbH)

In Österreich ist es noch garnicht so einfach, günstige Konten zu bekommen, besonders für GmbHs. Für Einzelunternehmer gibt es zahlreiche Angebote, für GmbHs wird die Auswahl schnell eng (entweder weil Körperschaften vom Angebot ausgeschlossen sind, oder weil nur GmbHs in Deutschland akzeptiert werden). Aufgrund der Recherche der letzten 2 Jahre hier meine Empfehlungen: Privat – […]

Tesla CAN BUS hacking

Scan My Tesla (SMT) and OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter basics: Tesla OBD2 Schnittstelle auslesen Analyzers / Inspectors: CAN DBC file: CAN BUS message/id overview: Tutorial (including Salae Logic Analyzer analysis):

Gimp Tutorials

Gimp Free Download: Tutorials English: Basics – Gimp for Beginners – 5 Ways to Remove Anything from a Photo in GIMP – GIMP Resynthesizer is BETTER Than Photoshop’s Content Aware Fill – G’MIC Foreground Extraction (Interactive) – Auto-Illuminate 2D shapes – Face Swap using Seamless Blending – […]

ZFS zpool creation

*CREATION* fdisk /dev/sdXXXX #then “g” to set type GPT sgdisk –zap-all /dev/sdXXXX zpool create poolname raidz2 /dev/sd[b-f] zfs set compression=lz4 poolname zfs set mountpoint=/mnt/poolname poolname *ADDING A SPARE* zpool add poolname spare /dev/sdXXXXXXX zpool set autoreplace=on poolname zpool status poolname *FORCING /dev/disk/by-id instead of /dev/sdX* zpool import -d /dev/disk/by-id/ata-Hitachi_HDS722020ALA330_JK1101YAKDJN7V-part1 -d /dev/disk/by-id/ata-Hitachi_HDS722020ALA330_JK1161YAGS0G5V-part1 -d /dev/disk/by-id/ata-Hitachi_HDS723020BLA642_MN1270FA02L5ED-part1 -d /dev/disk/by-id/ata-Hitachi_HDS723020BLA642_MN1270FA02TW8D-part1 […]

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